Tis the Season for Saving Green!

My family finished our Christmas shopping today, and it made me think of great ways to Live Green, Save Green this holiday season.

Here are my TOP 5 suggestions for you last minute shoppers:
1.  BUY LOCAL:  This strategy saves gas and energy.  In addition, money is invested in YOUR community and its businesses!  
2.  REUSE:  Think before your wrap!  Reuse wrapping paper and gift bags.  The wrapping paper is much more of a challenge; however, gift bags and tissue can be used a zillion times!  Even better-use cloth bags or baskets that can be reused for a variety of purposes!  Newspaper works great as gift wrap too!  There are no rules here, so get creative!
3.  REDUCE:  Donate instead of Gift-Giving:  My husband works with a woman who does great things at Christmas.  Her family adopts a family in need instead of buying gifts for one another.  What a wonderful idea!
4.  RECYCLE:  I think we all have a few items we have never used.  Why not give them to someone who might appreciate them?
5.  REMEMBER:  The reasons for the season.  After all, it is not about giving and receiving gifts.  
Have a great (and very green) Holiday Season!!
-Dr. Connie

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Dr. Connie

Helping women in midlife realize their Future through Fabulousness, Family, Finances, Fitness and Fun.

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