I recently read an article in the Omaha World Herald about a woman who I greatly admire. Her name is Colleen Cleek, and she is the owner of the Classy Gourmet Culinary Arts Center in Omaha, NE. I have never met her, but she really seems like she lives life to the fullest! She embodies the entrepreneurial personality…someone who controls her own destiny, takes risks and has a high need for achievement. She also gives back through charity work.

Ms. Cleek has done and continues to do it all-she teaches, she cooks, she is growing a business and a brand! Colleen has had some great past experiences, and is really building a great life for herself. She is a former 4-Her and Girl Scout who landed a spot on “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Learn more about the full life of this awesome woman by reading the article in the Omaha World Herald: http://www.omaha.com/index.php?u_page=3945&u_sid=10546755

Or, visit the Classy Gourmet’s web site at: http://www.theclassygourmet.com/

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