I just returned from making a presentation on entrepreneurial leadership and innovation.  The conference was really informative, and the participants seemed to accomplish their goals.

Coaching was a central theme.  Most participants agreed that coaching leaders would help their states achieve inroads to economic growth.  I think they may be on the right path because coaching is such an awesome tool.

However, it made me think about the correct approach to take and the meaning of it all.

Each person plays a different role in this universe.  What role do you want to play?  What is most meaningful to you?  And, are you concentrating your limited time and resources in the areas that make you most happy and joyful?  Have you taken the time to decide what holds the most meaning to you?

The most successful and fulfilled leaders are the people who have taken the time to answer and continuously revisit these questions.  Take some time to answer these questions.  Invest in yourself and in your own personal journey.  Take the time to “get your ducks in a row” by developing your personal leadership and innovation plan.  Take time to create joy in your life.

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