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This week on Market Journal…….

After 470 episodes of Market Journal, host Doug Jose retires.  In this week’s edition of Market Journal, Jose highlights some of the key business management topics addressed on the program, which began in 2000.
Market Journal: Past, Present, and Future – Market Journal was first delivered via satellite to UNL county extension offices in June of 2000. Then, nearly eight years ago, the program began its weekly broadcast on NET.  Doug Jose has hosted the program since its inception, and the program will continue with Connie Reimers-Hild (yeah!!  that’s me!!!  I can’t wait to step into my new role next week.  Let me know your thoughts on the show.  You can reach me via email at (creimers2@unl.edu)
Mild and Dry –  Al Dutcher, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension statewide climatologist, predicts fairly mild temperatures and dry conditions for the next week. There are possibilities for rain towards the end of next week.

Next week (Oct. 7) on Market Journal…
After record highs in the grain markets for most of the summer, both corn and soybeans have taken hits in the last few weeks.  With harvest underway in Nebraska, will prices bounce back from recent losses?  Next week, Roy Smith will update us on the grain markets.

Broadcast time:
        NET1 – Saturday, 7 a.m. CT
        NET2 – Sunday, 9 a.m. CT

Market Journal is funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board, and we really appreciate their support! 

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