Why Invest in Your Self-Confidence?

Innovation always begins with people.  Self-confident individuals filled with passion, purpose and confidence are the most creative and innovative individuals.  They have strong Inner Leaders and the confidence it takes to lead personal, organizational and community change and innovation.  Growing individual confidence and the confidence of others are key factors associated with great leadership. Before you can successfully lead others, you must first lead yourself.  So, invest in yourself.  Focus on developing your Inner Leader by strengthening your confidence and living the life you want for yourself!
Strengthen your Inner Leader by investing time and resources in your self-confidence.  There are a number of confidence building tools, and you have to find and use the tools that best serve you.  As a Certified Professional Coach I find the issue my clients struggle with most is confidence.  From my research and experience, I have developed Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters.  The Top 10 will be published tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Get ready to show off your tailfeathers!

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Dr. Connie

Helping women in midlife realize their Future through Fabulousness, Family, Finances, Fitness and Fun.

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