Beginning Farmer & Rancher Workshops in April

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Kimmel Education & Research Center

With funding from the USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Grant Program, the Center for Rural Affairs, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society sponsored six beginning farmer and rancher workshops in Nebraska.  These workshops focused on the beginning farmer and rancher.  Three workshops focused on the concepts of mob grazing and/or marketing grass-fed beef.  Following lunch there will be a session on beginning business planning.  During these session participants will learn about basic business principles, i.e. net worth, cash flow, income profit and loss statements and how these can be important business tools in a mob grazing and grass-fed beef operation.

There are two remaining workshops that focus on the beginning farmer and vegetable/fruit production.  At these workshops successful produce growers will discuss their operations and the various production and marketing strategies they use on their farms.  Following lunch there will be a session on beginning…

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