Small Business Saturday 2013 – Nov 30th – It’s Time for Action!!

Love this article. Remember small and local businesses when doing your holiday shopping!


Entrepreneurs and Their Communities

As I was getting ready to write this article, I noticed an article that discussed K-Mart was opening at 6 am on Thursday for Black Friday. The day before I read about many more stores opening at 8 pm on Thanksgiving.

Can a small business owner compete and, if so, how? You can and you should. Last year, an estimated $5.5 billion was spent with small business owners on that one day alone.

First, don’t panic. You still have time to get ready. Small businesses have had competition for years and many of them have found ways to stay in business and grow.

That said, you do need to make some plans. Are there some specials you want to focus on that day? Some business owners are working together in a cooperative effort. I have read that some are focusing on making the day a mini-party, celebrating who they…

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