Lead in Nebraska: Change the World!

Leadership abounds in the great State of Nebraska!

Yesterday, I had the honor of working with the Nebraska Water Leaders Academy (NWLA) in Omaha, Nebraska.  The leaders engaged in this program are always incredible!  We focused on leading innovation and change with a focus on the future.


If you are looking to increase both your ability to lead and innovate as well as your knowledge of water science and policy.  Then, take advantage of this opportunity.  The NWLA is also a great way to expand your “water leaders network” across the state and beyond.  We are looking for amazing people for the 2017 class.  Explore the opportunity at:  WaterLeadersAcademy.org.

Next week, the Rural Futures Institute (RFI) begins hosting a series of Rural Regional Forums throughout Nebraska.  We are kicking off these events in my hometown of West Point, Nebraska on September 22.  It’s always fun to go back home; however, this time I get to be part of a regional conversation designed to showcase the true innovation happening throughout the area.


A message from our incredible communications team at the RFI..

The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) is pleased to offer three Rural Regional Forums this fall in West Point, North Platte and Chadron. The forums are co-hosted by the respective communities with a steering committee from each helping to shape their region’s event.

Each forum will be tailored to the region and the tours and discussions will be grounded in information provided by the region’s host team. The forums will highlight local successes, open a dialogue with rural regional leaders and showcase lessons learned from a number of current RFI grant-funded projects.

Specific areas of interest were identified by a steering committee of community members from the region.  Some of the issues that will be addressed include:
• Housing
• Business development
• Leadership transition
• Recruitment of residents
• Recruitment of professionals
• Other issues identified by participants

Registration is $25 per person, which covers all activities, tours and lunch.

To learn more and register, visit our web site:  RuralFutures.Nebraska.Edu

Why should you attend?  Because you are a wise leader.

Why are these forums important?  We live in an increasingly connected society, and innovations in Nebraska have a global ripple effect.  We may not always see this; however, Nebraska is on the global radar screen because of its agricultural sector, work ethic and innovativeness.

Why post this these leadership invitations in a blog for women over 40?  We need to make our voices heard in communities (both in physical communities and in communities of purpose).  Many of us are making incredible contributions to our communities.  The NWLA and regional forums provide opportunities to  ensure that our voices are heard.  We are women who influence  the evolution of communities and policies, and we are the women building bright futures for our families, children and grandchildren.

Join us in the NWLA or in your area to showcase your leadership skills, network with others, and learn more about the innovation happening throughout the region…all while having fun!

Looking forward to seeing many of you in the next few weeks!

Going Wild with Leadership in Nebraska,

-Dr. Connie