Welcome to a site focused on intentional creation of the future with a focus on the evolution of humanity, especially women.  Why women?  Amazing women are leading families, communities and companies around the world.  Unfortunately, their voices are still not being recognized or heard.  This needs to change because the future of humanity (and the entire planet) depends on women.

As a futurist, it is easy to see how women are shaping the future.  Women have already shaped the future in so many ways from leading breakthroughs in health and science to inventing Spanx!  But, women need more support to work their magic.  Wild Innovation strives to serve as a platform that fosters a better future for companies, communities and women through the lens of strategic foresight and futuring.  It is time for female voices and leadership philosophies to be heard.  It is also time for communities and businesses to create cultures that support and recognize women, and their families, at every age and stage of their lives.  What does this mean?   A better future for women means a better future for families, including men and children.  Ask Dr. Connie is extending a standing invitation to anyone who is interested joining the movement.

Let’s get together, have some fun and show the world just how amazing women are.  Ask questions, answer the questions of others and advance the future of the planet…we are all in this together!

Welcome to your future,

-Dr. Connie

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