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Happiness Ignites Innovation

Happiness can be a grand challenge for all of us, especially in an culture where ageism is very real. According to ageism is a noun meaning: discrimination against persons of a certain age group. a tendency to regard older persons as debilitated, unworthy of attention, or unsuitable for employment. I spoke about hope and happiness at the 2015 Rural Futures Conference, and I used … Read More Happiness Ignites Innovation


Mom, Memories and Miracles

Two events in 2010 changed the trajectory of my life forever. I was driving home on June 22, 2010. As usual, I was talking to Mom. We talked about everyday things like my kids and when we would see each other next. I told her that I had been stranded at home the day before because every road to work was flooded due to … Read More Mom, Memories and Miracles


The Future Leadership and Women on Pure Nebraska

I had the wonderful opportunity to stretch myself yesterday on Pure Nebraska with Jon and Taryn Vanderford.  I was all set to discuss the future of leadership with a focus on women.  My goal was to point out the important contributions women have been making for a long time in the area of leadership.  I also wanted to note that their contributions have often … Read More The Future Leadership and Women on Pure Nebraska

Go Wild with Confidence Hits #136,936 on Amazon!

Celebrating a publishing milestone with my family today!  It always feels good when you take a step in the direction of your dreams.  Best-seller status here I come!   My book, Go Wild with Confidence! hit #136,936 on Amazon today. Getting closer to best-seller status every day 🙂 — Dr. Connie (@askdrconnie) May 31, 2014

Thank You for The Gift of Freedom: Part 2

Memorial Weekend is a great opportunity to remember and celebrate those who have gone before us.  Their lives and experiences have helped shape the world.  I think of my own Mom who raised six kids and always reminded us to cherish and protect our freedom.  She loved her country and taught all of us to do the same.  I miss hearing her talk about … Read More Thank You for The Gift of Freedom: Part 2

Megatrend 1: The Rise of the #GigEconomy

The rise of the entrepreneurial individual, and what is currently referred to as the Gig Economy, will create new challenges and opportunities for distance learning administrators.  How can institutions of education help learners create value for traditional employers and for their individual brands?   If not as many people are investing in education to land a full-time job, what does this mean for higher education? … Read More Megatrend 1: The Rise of the #GigEconomy

Join Me on the Mighty 1290 Today!

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED about my guest appearance on Clint Bellow’s radio show again today.  He is a tremendously talented individual! Clint and I have talked about leadership, coaching and life on his shows before. Today we are going to focus on the upcoming WowBiz Success Summit on October 30 at the Embassy Suites in LaVista. The focus of the conversation will be the topic of … Read More Join Me on the Mighty 1290 Today!

Are You Ready to Launch a Business?

Come to the University of Nebraska Kimmel Education and Research Center on November 1 and find out! I am so excited!  A team of my colleagues from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is coming to Kimmel to help launch businesses!  The workshop our team is holding on November 1 is designed to help anyone thinking about starting a business. It will also be valuable to current … Read More Are You Ready to Launch a Business?

My New Facebook Fan Page has Launched!

I am moving forward a little bit everyday with my “homework” with the Elevate program. One of my goals was to start using my languishing Facebook fan page, and I have now achieved that goal!  The page will serve as a forum focused around FUN!!  Please add your thoughts, ideas and comments around fun on my updated Facebook page: I would really appreciate … Read More My New Facebook Fan Page has Launched!

Elevating My Business and Life!

I am beginning a new journey designed to build my business and my life.  A few weeks ago, I enrolled in Ali Brown’s Elevate program.  Ali is a global entrepreneur mentor for women.  The program is AWESOME!!!  It is designed to grow my Inner Leader and all aspects of my life. The best part?  I have already used the information from the program to … Read More Elevating My Business and Life!

SMARTER Intentions & Authentic Goals Coaching Guide

I will be discussing the power of Inner Leader Coaching tomorrow with Clint Bellows, talk radio host on The Mighty 1290, tomorrow at 12:00 noon CST. We will talk about my book, Go Wild with Confidence!,  with an emphasis on the importance of leading your own life.  We will also be discussing goal setting.  I believe in the power of goal setting-only if goals … Read More SMARTER Intentions & Authentic Goals Coaching Guide

The Gift of Freedom: Part 1

The world is changing….fast!  Rapid change is occurring in all sectors, including education, technology, science and family.  Even the way we pursue our daily living continues to evolve. Some futurists predict that we are in an era of creating jobs for ourselves because the number of big organizations that employ people will continue to decline.  They may be right.  On the other hand, this … Read More The Gift of Freedom: Part 1

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