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The Future of Humanity: Connectivity and Connectedness

I am honored to be speaking about the work of the Rural Futures Institute (RFI) on Thursday, April 18. My talk is one of many exciting conversations about the future at the Nebraska Law Telecommunications Conference on the Rural Digital Divide. I am going to talk about RFI as well as the importance of both connectivity and connectedness now and into the future. This … Read More The Future of Humanity: Connectivity and Connectedness

Join Me Today on 1110 KFAB Radio!

Status Update: I will be on from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM today, and Clint will be taking callers! In addition to the topics I listed in the original blog post below, we will be discussing the 3 Mega-Trends I recently wrote about and presented on: 1) The Rise of the #GigEconomy, 2) Living with Purpose and Meaning and the 3) Decentralized Global Marketplace. … Read More Join Me Today on 1110 KFAB Radio!

Easter is Awesome!

My family is winding down our fantastic Easter weekend. We found lots of eggs, and had fun spending time outside in the sun. The lovely rain made everything seem clean again, which is such a great reminder of the true purpose of Easter. My daughter’s favorite part of Easter was the candy! Jim’s favorite moment was taking a nature walk, and my son’s favorite … Read More Easter is Awesome!

Future-Focused Leadership: Cooperation, Creativity and Purpose

Interestingly enough, the hottest jobs at Facebook require a “human touch.”  Why?  They are looking for people who can close sales because their revenue relies heavily on ads (Anders, 2014).  Perhaps the most future-focused distance learning administrators should consider blending “high-human touch” with “high-tech” in new and interesting ways that holistically add value to the lives of learners. Future-focused leaders in distance learning are … Read More Future-Focused Leadership: Cooperation, Creativity and Purpose

Megatrend 3: Decentralized Global Marketplace

Distance learning is in the age of the “Empowered Consumer-Learner” who has a buffet of educational choices.   The empowered consumer-learner decides what educational experiences and knowledge they need, when they need it and how they want to experience it.  The wide-array of non-credit and for credit choices makes for a very competitive marketplace but also a field of new opportunities. Venture capitalists continue to … Read More Megatrend 3: Decentralized Global Marketplace

Megatrend 2: Living with Purpose and Meaning

Our society is quickly evolving into an era characterized by shared purpose and meaning.  Leaders must be willing to create an atmosphere of sustainable innovation designed to continuously move organizations forward while connecting employees and clientele to meaningful experiences and their definitions of personal fulfillment. How many distance-learning leaders are adding value to the lives of learners, faculty and staff from a holistic perspective?  … Read More Megatrend 2: Living with Purpose and Meaning

Megatrend 1: The Rise of the #GigEconomy

The rise of the entrepreneurial individual, and what is currently referred to as the Gig Economy, will create new challenges and opportunities for distance learning administrators.  How can institutions of education help learners create value for traditional employers and for their individual brands?   If not as many people are investing in education to land a full-time job, what does this mean for higher education? … Read More Megatrend 1: The Rise of the #GigEconomy

Happy Birthday Mom!

    Yesterday was a bit of a bittersweet day.  It was great because I had a wonderful meeting with some amazing people from Outward Bound Omaha who I can see working with in the near future.  It was a challenging day because it was also my Mom’s birthday. So, I did what I could to make it a special day when the person … Read More Happy Birthday Mom!

Join us for the 2013 Success Summit!

Join me and other panelists at the Success Summit: Making New Connections – Pre-registration from WOWBIZ on @Square: — Dr. Connie (@askdrconnie) October 16, 2013

Owed to the Class of 2025

That annual “Back to School” feeling is in the air!  Kids, parents and caregivers everywhere have either already started school or will begin their academic year very soon. his year is a very special one.  The kindergarten class of 2012 will be the graduating class of 2025.  Yes, you heard that right-2025.  Only a few years ago I thought the year 2025 would have us … Read More Owed to the Class of 2025

Values-based Leadership Webinar

The International Leadership Association (ILA) sponsors a number of  webinars and programs.  I thought the webinar announcement below, taken directly form their web site (, would  be of interest to a number of you.   Many future-thinkers (myself included) see the spiritual side of leadership and personal growth as the next big thing in world history.  More on that to come! Go Wild! Dr. Connie Values-based Leadership … Read More Values-based Leadership Webinar

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