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Happiness Ignites Innovation

Happiness can be a grand challenge for all of us, especially in an culture where ageism is very real. According to ageism is a noun meaning: discrimination against persons of a certain age group. a tendency to regard older persons as debilitated, unworthy of attention, or unsuitable for employment. I spoke about hope and happiness at the 2015 Rural Futures Conference, and I used … Read More Happiness Ignites Innovation

Join Me Today on 1110 KFAB Radio!

Status Update: I will be on from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM today, and Clint will be taking callers! In addition to the topics I listed in the original blog post below, we will be discussing the 3 Mega-Trends I recently wrote about and presented on: 1) The Rise of the #GigEconomy, 2) Living with Purpose and Meaning and the 3) Decentralized Global Marketplace. … Read More Join Me Today on 1110 KFAB Radio!

Go Wild with Confidence Hits #136,936 on Amazon!

Celebrating a publishing milestone with my family today!  It always feels good when you take a step in the direction of your dreams.  Best-seller status here I come!   My book, Go Wild with Confidence! hit #136,936 on Amazon today. Getting closer to best-seller status every day 🙂 — Dr. Connie (@askdrconnie) May 31, 2014

Starting the New Year with True Intentions!

  It’s the perfect day for writing.  The snow is falling and the new year is full of positive energy and gratitude! If you are contemplating your resolutions or goals for 2014, my updated SMARTER Intentions and Authentic Goals Coaching Guide may be of use.  It is designed to help get you started or to help you refine what you may have already established. … Read More Starting the New Year with True Intentions!

What Does a New Year Mean?

I am writing this post with only a few hours left in 2013. My daughter just asked, “What does New Year’s mean?” For my family, New Year’s Eve is a time for fun, reflection and anticipation. We started the day by celebrating at the zoo, which was fun. Now, it is time to reflect on 2013 by showing gratitude about the opportunity to be … Read More What Does a New Year Mean?

Join us for the 2013 Success Summit!

Join me and other panelists at the Success Summit: Making New Connections – Pre-registration from WOWBIZ on @Square: — Dr. Connie (@askdrconnie) October 16, 2013

Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters

Strengthen your Inner Leader by investing time and resources in your self-confidence.  There are a number of confidence building tools; however, a quick reference is always helpful.  Based on my research and experience, I have developed Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters: 1.    Cherish Your Freedom Realize that you alone control your destiny.  You have the freedom to decide how to live your life … Read More Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters

The Gift of Freedom: Part 3

Memorial Weekend is a great opportunity to remember and celebrate those who have gone before us.  Their lives and experiences have helped shape the world in so many different ways.  I think of my mom, who raised six kids and who always reminded us to cherish and protect our freedom.  She loved her country and taught all of us to do the same.  I … Read More The Gift of Freedom: Part 3

Great Quote from Louise Hay

I am using this great quote from Louise Hay in my book.  Hopefully, it provides you all with words of wisdom and inspired action!!    “How you start your day is how you are going to live your day.  And, how you live your day is how you are going to live your life.” —Louise Hay, Author, Publisher and One of the Founders of … Read More Great Quote from Louise Hay

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