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Freedom in Your 40’s: Is It Time for A Change?

My new favorite book is, “The Freedom Journal:  Accomplish Your #1 Goal in 100 Days,” by John Lee Dumas (aka JLD).  John Lee Dumas hosts the EO Fire business podcast.  I listen to EO Fire every week, and I really enjoy how JLD continuously points out the importance of focusing on specific goals and taking action.  He wrote the Freedom Journal to help entrepreneurs achieve … Read More Freedom in Your 40’s: Is It Time for A Change?

Coaching for Personal Innovation: The Role of Intuition

Dear Friends & Readers: I submitted my research paper to the International Coach Academy for the partial fulfillment of their Certified Professional Coach Program.  This research paper was my last graduation requirement!!  The full paper is available as a downloadable pdf. Simply visit Kimmel’s Digital Commons site. I hope you sincerely enjoy and benefit from this information!   Go Wild! Dr. Connie Me attempting to capture a … Read More Coaching for Personal Innovation: The Role of Intuition

Free Teleseminar on Coach Certification

I received the message below from Nick Bosk, Community Manager at International Coach Academy (ICA).  If you are a coach, and need more information about coach certification, this may be a good teleseminar for you!  If you can’t make the seminar, register for the teleseminar.  ICA will send you an mp3. I just submitted my most recent research publication, “Coaching for Personal Innovation:  The … Read More Free Teleseminar on Coach Certification

Quote from The Intuitive Way

A quote from one of the books I am currently reading (and enjoying!):  You, along with other like-minded people, are awakening to your individual path, knowing without knowing, that something more is being required of you.  You are one of the people who was born to participate in this creatively explosive time of transformation.  Trust that. (p. ix)-Carol Adrienne, author of the Forward for … Read More Quote from The Intuitive Way

My latest research paper!

Below is the introduction to my latest research paper, “Coaching for Personal Innovation:  The Role of Intuition.”  I am publishing this paper as the last requirement for the International Coach Federation’s Certified Professional Coach Program.  I am going to graduate in just a couple of months!  Yippee!!  Time to celebrate! Innovation has become essential to survival and success in the 21st Century.  Globalization combined with … Read More My latest research paper!

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs!

Thanks for pursuing your passion and intuition Mr. Jobs. You are a true inspiration! We can all learn from Steve Jobs. Check out is advice on TED…use your heart and intuition-truly love what you do! In his words, “don’t settle.”  And, live everyday as if it were your last!! Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on

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