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New Year and [Re]New You: A Women’s Retreat

Invest in you this holiday season!  A few of my fellow, female business owners in Nebraska City invited me to join them January 15-17, 2016 to co-host New Year and [Re]New You:  A Women’s Retreat.   I am now extending this invitation to all of you!  If you are ready for an amazing 2016, join us for a weekend filled with purpose, passion and … Read More New Year and [Re]New You: A Women’s Retreat

Best Royalty Free Image Sources

Originally posted on Next Generation Extension:
Our Extension friends at Ohio State University just published an article listing several sources for royalty free images.  Enjoy! Royalty Free Images List


The First Gogoro Smartscooters Will Start Shipping Tomorrow

Your #future vehicle may be a…#scooter? #trend

ACX Storytellers: Zhanna Hamilton

Originally posted on Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX):
Zhanna Hamilton is an ACX user doing double duty: she plays both roles in the ACX equation as an author and  audiobook producer, with a Master’s in Marketing to boot. Her combination of education and experience has enabled her to achieve success marketing over 90 ACX titles and generating hundreds of valuable $50 Bounty payments. She…

An Artist Raises Awareness About Honey Bees and their Importance!

Originally posted on Kimmel Education & Research Center:
Later this month, our Nebraska Extension Educators, Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild and Dr. Deb Weitzenkamp collaborate with Artist Ashley Ryba about the importance of honey bees! Ashley Ryba, “The Bee-nefit,” detail, 2015, ceramics installation The Bee-nefit An installation by Ashley Ryba Gallery Reception on Arbor Day Friday, April 24 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. On view April…

What makes a strong family?

Originally posted on Kimmel Education & Research Center:
All families function differently and all families have some strengths. Retired UNL Family Life specialist, Doc. John DeFrain has done research for more than 20 years in several countries. Through research on families he found that there are six general qualities to help strengthen families. Pick out your families strengths as you look at these qualities.…

Next Generation Extension Webinar: CrowdsourcingU

Originally posted on Next Generation Extension:
The Southeast Research and Extension Center will be hosting yet another fabulous Next Generation Extension opportunity for professional development….save the date and join us!!! CrowdsourcingU Dr. Deb Weitzenkamp & Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild February 10th @ 10:00 CT Conference Call Number: 888/820-1398 Attendee Code: 9894805#  Experiencing a Next Generation Extension challenge?  Bring it to this NGE session and…

What is a Twitter Party?

Originally posted on Kimmel Education & Research Center:
? Promote Your Business Through Twitter Parties – February 6th – 11:15 CT You may be asking yourself, Twitter what?? A Twitter party is a way to create an experience online, a chance to engage your audience.  They can build your online presence and number of followers. It’s a way for people to connect and discuss…


Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” explained

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A Piketty guide for lifelong learners. When Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” was published earlier this year, it was something of a sensation. That’s no small feat for a chart-heavy doorstop on “the dismal science” of economics. A fair portion of the book’s notoriety was due to its subject matter: wealth distribution, an intensely political topic if…


Why I want you to steal my ideas

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Writer Seth Godin explains why it’s absolutely fine if you steal his ideas … you have to promise to make them better. Please don’t steal my car. If you drive away with it, I won’t have it any more, which is a real hassle. Please don’t steal my identity or my reputation either. Neither travels well, and all…

Small is Big in Business

Those of us who own a small business make a BIG difference!


How to Have a Eureka Moment

Ready for your next big idea? Try freeing up your mind by thinking about something else….

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