Looking for some information and inspiration?  Then, check out the resources and links to additional resources below.

Resources by Dr. Connie:

Please feel free to use these resource to help Grow Your Inner Leader or to help others.  I use these tools with my coaching clients, so I know they work!  All I ask is that you give appropriate credit.  And, let me know how using the tool works for you!

For those who want to learn while having fun:

I co-authored an educational app called #HappyOrchard with one of my amazing colleagues, Dr. Deb Weitzenkamp, in 2015.  We have also worked to develop an educational sweet of products focused on hard science (Dr. Deb’s speciality) and social science with a focus on adult learning and transformation (my area of expertise).  

Download a free version of Blue the Bee Learns to Be Happy from the University of Nebraska’s Digital Commons site:



You can also visit:  https://marketplace.unl.edu/extension/programs/happyorchard to download free coloring pages or to purchase “Blue the Bee Learns to Be Happy.”

Blue the Bee Cover

For those who like details and extra resources:

Reimers-Hild, C.I. and King, J.W. (2009). Six Questions for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation in
Distance Education. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 13(3). Retrieved July 21, 2014 from http://distance.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/winter124/reimers-hild124.html

Reimers-Hild, C.I., Fritz, S.M. and King, J.W. (Spring 2007). Entrepreneurial Career Development: Using Human Capital, Social Capital, and Distance Education to Achieve Success. Advancing Women in Leadership On-line Journal. Retrieved February 28, 2014 from http://www.advancingwomen.com/awl/spring2007/reimers.htm

Reimers-Hild, C.I., King, J.W., Foster, J.E., Fritz, S.M., Waller, S.S., and Wheeler, D.W. (2005). A Framework for the “Entrepreneurial Learner” of the 21st Century. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 8(2). Retrieved August 28, 2014 from http://www.westga.edu/%7Edistance/ojdla/summer82/hild82.htm

Reimers Hild and King (2006). The Entrepreneurial Learner, Persistence and Motivation in the Distance Environment.  Paper Presented at the 2006 Distance Learning Administration Conference in Jekyll Island, GA.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Digital Commons site houses more of my FREE, downloadable resources and publications:

Kimmel Faculty & Staff Publications:  http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/kimmelfacpub/

Presentations & White Papers:  http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/kimmelpapers/

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