Testimonials from a Few of My Amazing Clients!!

Coaching Clients:

“I would recommend business owners take the time to experience coaching.  This experience helped me become a better manager of my time and of people.”  -Dave Lambe, Co-owner of Cutts Floral

“Your direct questions  and creative exercises provided focus and clarity to enable me to create great steps to accomplish my goals while finding my passion within.  “Thank you for seeing me as creative, capable, intelligent person who can find the answers within me.”  -Deb Heidzig, Co-owner of Heidzig Farms

This one is long, but I had to include it.  It is from one of my clients, Paul Hosford, who is an absolutely extraordinary individual.  A big public thanks to you Paul for sharing your amazing gift of writing with my readers:

“Through coaching I underwent an expertly-guided process of self-discovery.  My coach primarily asked me questions that helped me to think about my life and my circumstances in new and more meaningful ways.  As I discovered trends, tendencies and patterns, my coach helped me explore them and suggested ways to build upon them (or in the case of negative tendencies or patterns, ways to break free of them).

 I feel my coach was masterful in how she did all this.  I also appreciate that she placed reasonable expectations on me to play an active role in the coaching process and never allowed me to develop a dependence upon her.  She was very effective in helping me develop a greater dependence upon myself instead.

My coach’s intelligence, sensitivity, knowledge and breadth of perspective were extremely useful to me in both processing the things she was helping me discover and in expanding my own perspective.  Connie Reimers-Hild is a remarkably skilled and effective leadership coach.  She possesses a unique ability to understand others and their situations. This enables her to empower them to transform their lives in profound and lasting ways.”

 Retreats, Workshops, Presentations & Academies:

“Thank you for giving seeds to innovators so they can grow their dreams!” -Kerry Hoffschneider, Epworth Village, Inc.

“Your presentation to the Nebraska Farm Bureau Leadership Academy… was simply outstanding!  Thank you for all your hard work and the important information you brin got the participants of the leadership academy.” -Roger Berry, Vice President of Membership Services for Nebraska Farm Bureau

“I’ve already begun the steps toward getting what I want.  Pretty cool, huh.  It was all due to your presentation!  Thanks again.’‘ Pat McGill, Participant a the Leadership Academy

“Thank you so very much for the great session…As I have had time to digest I think it was an extremely important day as I have gleaned some very important information and thoughts about moving A-FAN forward.  I very much appreciate your insight and ability to take in all of the reactions and mental energy in the room and guide us towards an outcome.”  Willow Holoubek, Organizational Director for A-FAN  


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